3 Signs You Need Lighting Repair Done

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Lighting plays a big part in your home. Lights illuminate, accentuate, and enhance the style in each room of your home, and just like any other important feature in your home, they require maintenance to keep them functioning properly and safely. It is inevitable that over time there will be wear and tear on your light fixtures and their electrical wiring. This is why it is best to know the signs that will tell you when it is time to get lighting repair done. Here are 3 signs you need to watch for in your lights.

3 Signs You Need Lighting Repair Done

  1. Flickering lights can be a result of a few things. Either the switch that contacts the fixture is going bad, loose wiring between the switch and light, or the socket where the bulb sits is going bad. If you have switched out the bulb in the light fixture and the flickering continues, then it is best to call an electrician to find the root of the problem.
  2. Light switches that spark when you turn them on is a sign something is going on with your light fixture or the wiring running from the fixture to the switch. If the fixture was recently wired in, your wiring could be faulty. However, if it is old wiring, the wiring could be starting to wear out. A sparking switch, or even worse, one that shocks you, is not something to take lightly. You need to call an electrician right away if you are experiencing these issues.
  3. If the bulbs in your light fixtures are burning out quickly, you could have loose wiring that may be sending power surges into your lights causing the bulb to burn out.

Keep an eye out for these three signs and any others that indicate it is time for lighting repair. Here at Lamm Electric, we have the experience to handle lighting repair from residential homes to commercial buildings. If you are in need of an experienced electrician to take care of your lighting repairs, give us a call today!