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Electrical Repair Problems you Shouldn't Ignore

Knowing what types of electrical repair problems should be taken care of right away can preserve your safety and the safety of your family. Here are a few critical electrical repair issues you should have us come and take care of right away:

  • Circuit breaker issues—When your home’s breakers get older, they may trip more and more frequently. If you have an appliance that trips occasionally, try plugging it into another outlet. If this doesn’t help, you should have one of our professionals come and take a look at your breaker system.
  • Hot ceiling fixtures—On occasion, check the area that surrounds your ceiling fixtures for excessive warmth. This is important because not all ceiling fixtures are insulated properly, and if you exceed the wattage maximum for the bulb, overheating can occur. As electrical repair professionals, we can give you helpful suggestions for fixing this fire hazard.
  • Electrical shocks—Improper electrical wiring or a ground fault can result in a shock or tingle when you touch an appliance. Pay attention to the frequency and severity of these shocks to determine if you need to call us for help.
  • Lights that flicker—Although flickering lights can happen due to a loose lightbulb or when a bulb that’s defective is being used, they can also occur when the connections to the fixture are loose. We can come and assess what’s going on to determine what electrical repair steps should be taken next.

Electrical Repair Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore