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Electrical Rewiring, Belmont, NC

Electrical rewiring may be a necessity for your older home or office building in Belmont.

Electrical RewiringMany people are living in homes or working in buildings that are unsafe because of outdated wiring. If you have an older home or building, it’s important that you have it inspected to determine if there is any faulty wiring. Older materials can also be hazardous and should be replaced with newer options. As a general rule, homes or buildings likely need to be rewired if they are 25 years old or older.

Electrical rewiring may be a necessity for your older home or office building in Belmont, North Carolina. With advancements in technology and materials, there are many changes that need to be made. Materials now are safer and more durable. Likewise, electricians have learned a lot about root causes for electrical fires and how to avoid them. You may also need electrical rewiring if you’re renovating or remodeling your space and need outlets or lighting in a different location. Although it may seem like something simple you can tackle, there are required permits for rewiring because of the significant danger that is involved.

Electrical rewiring is a big job that should be left to licensed professionals. There are a lot of faulty recommendations or steps that can end up making a mess of the wiring in your home or office. At Lamm Electric, we are an exceptionally trained and experienced group of electricians. Contact us with any rewiring projects you have, and we’ll be there to get it done. We will provide you with the best service we can and will make sure you are satisfied with our work.





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