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We provide high-quality electrical installation for your home or business.

Electrical Installation in Harrisburg, North CarolinaWhen it comes to electrical installation, you might want to leave it up to the professionals. In a world where people love to “do it yourself,” electrical work really needs someone who knows what they are doing. Working with electricity can be dangerous, and if you are installing your own electrical components, you might not know how to safely do the job. So, if you need installation done at your Harrisburg, North Carolina home or business, contact us today at Lamm Electric. We can handle all electrical installations for you safely. We have all the training, knowledge, and experience needed to do the job and do it the right way.

We can take care of any type of electrical installation, whether it is at your home or place of work. We can install new lighting, install breaker boxes, install new outlets, and anything else you need. We can move outlets and light switches or add new ones, making it easier and more convenient for you to plug things in and turn on lights. We work hard and do quality work on every job we do. We make sure that you are satisfied with our work and that you are happy with the end result. We can tackle any project and can do it safely. You do not have to spend time watching “how to” tutorials online; we can come and take care of the installation for you.

No matter what type of electrical installation you need done, we can do it for you. Reach out to us today, and we can schedule a service appointment. We have pricing that is fair, excellent customer service, and we do a great job. We are a family-owned and -operated business, and we really care about our customers. We have great ratings from the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, and each of our technicians has over 20 years of experience doing electrical work.

At Lamm Electric, we offer electrical installation services in Charlotte, Belmont, Huntersville, Indian Trail, Matthews, Mint Hill, Harrisburg, and Mt. Holly, North Carolina.


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