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Free Estimate on Commercial Electrical Wiring and RemodelingDo you need an electrician to help you with your business’ electrical needs in Charlotte, NC?

When your business needs an electrical remodel, new wiring job or circuit install, it is always best left in the hands of a professional!

Let us at Lamm Electric promptly attend to whatever electrical problem you run into.

✔ We can work with any type of business

✔ We offer quick & efficient work from licensed technicians

✔ We can quickly remodel & upgrade an electrical wiring system

✔ We provide trustworthy quotes

✔ We always give callbacks to inquiries (some companies don’t)

Take advantage of our offer: Free Estimate on Commercial Electrical Remodeling and Wiring

The sooner you contact Lamm Electric to handle your electrical problems, the sooner you can get on with your business.

Here are just some of our commercial electrical specialties:

✔ New circuit installation

✔ Wiring for new structures/buildings

✔ Help with building remodel work

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At Lamm Electric, we offer commercial electrical services to clients in Charlotte, North Carolina and many of the surrounding cities within a 20-mile radius.

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