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3 Signs that You Need Fuse Box Rewiring

Here at Lamm Electric, we know firsthand just how much our clients depend on their electrical systems to maintain their everyday comfort and health. There are many parts to an electrical system, whether it’s in a house, an office, or even a car, and one of the most important in any of these is the fuse box. Simply put, your fuse box is the main point where electricity is distributed throughout all the lights and appliances in your home. Like any other part of your house, it will occasionally experience problems, and will ultimately need to be retired in order to preserve its functionality. In this article, our team will go over three signs that will let you know when it’s time for fuse box rewiring.

1.  Loose Fuses- If you open your fuse box and see fuses that have come loose, then you will probably need fuse box rewiring in the near future. Your fuses are the components that direct electrical current into the wires of a particular area of your home, and when they come lose there’s a strong possibility that you’ll lose power in that particular area. If you have experienced problems like that, our team at Lamm Electric can provide the rewiring services you need to get things back to normal.

2.  Frequent Blown Fuses- Another sign that you need fuse box rewiring is if you experience frequent blown fuses. If a given fuse can no longer handle the amount of current flowing through it, it will short out and stop giving power to that area. This is a sign that the wires have degraded and will need to be replaced soon to restore function and ensure proper safety.

3.  Noise from the Box- Lastly, if you start to hear any sounds from your fuse box, we recommend calling our team at Lamm Electric to discuss fuse box rewiring. A properly functioning fuse box won’t make any audible sound, so if you start hearing a buzz or hum coming from yours, there’s a problem. In that event, simply reach out to our team to take care of the situation.