Difference Between a Residential and Commercial Emergency Electrician

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When a company is equipped with an emergency electrician, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll come to your home or business day or night for any type of electrical concern. What it does mean is that when there is an emergency situation, they will respond even if it is after normal business hours. To better understand what constitutes an emergency, you first have to know that there is a difference between residential and commercial emergency electricians.

Difference Between a Residential and Commercial Emergency Electrician

A commercial emergency electrician understands that some businesses operate 24 hours a day. If an electrical issue stops production, that is definitely an emergency. If there is the potential for an electrical fire, that is also an emergency. So is a commercial breaker box problem that is resulting in outages throughout the facility. One light not working in a room with several others is an example of a non-emergency that could be handled during business hours.

A residential emergency electrician takes into consideration the risks involved with waiting until normal business hours. A fuse box or circuit breaker box panel issue would need to be addressed more promptly than a lighting issue. An outlet that has gone bad could fall into either category depending on what it powers. For example, having no power to your refrigerator or freezer could result in food loss if the repair is delayed a full day. Lack of power to your sump pump with a storm coming would also qualify as an emergency.

The thing to know about calling on a residential or commercial emergency electrician is that it never hurts to place the call. Don’t just assume the issue you are having is or is not an emergency. Leave that for the electrician to determine and advise you accordingly.

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