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Electrical Repair Services We Provide for You

Here at Lamm Electric, we are proud to have offered high quality electrical services for nearly three decades. In this time, we have gained a great deal of experience and skill in electrical services, specializing mainly in residential electrical work, as well as minor commercial electrical work. We have also gained a strong understanding of how to treat our customers. We are passionate about providing you with work that is more than satisfactory so that you can trust us with your future electrical needs. Here are just a few of the many electrical repair services we provide:

  1. Electrical rewiring: When your wiring is faulty or causing problems, rewiring should be done promptly to avoid electrical fires and other problems. We can provide your home with the updates and repairs in wiring it needs to function smoothly and safely.
  2. Fuse box repair: Our society has become increasingly dependent on electricity. As you gain more appliances and other electronics, the load on your fuse box increases. Over strain can cause fuses to fail and can damage your appliances, electronics, and the electrical system in your home. We can repair your fuse box and make sure it is sufficient for your electrical needs.
  3. Lighting repair: When lighting fails, it is not always because the bulb has burned out. If you have a lighting fixture that has become unreliable, we can determine the cause and quickly get it back in working order.

All of our technicians have at least 20 years of experience. They are completely qualified to handle all of your electrical repairs, and they will always do so with excellent customer service. Call us today to schedule your repair.