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Electrical Repair

We’ve all been there — working away on something in our home during the evening, when suddenly, the lights and power go out and you can hear a family member yell “sorry!”, knowing whatever it was they plugged in just pushed the circuit over the top.  It’s time to find the flashlights and head to the fuse box to reset the circuit breaker.

This scenario isn’t unfamiliar to most of us, but it is not something that should be happening regularly. If any of the circuits in your home are frequently being overloaded, it is time for you to call an electrician for some electrical repair work in your home. This is a sign that your circuits are drawing in more current than they are safely able or supposed to provide, and this means some rewiring is needed in your home.

Another sign that your electrical system needs repair is if you have flickering or dimming lights.  This could be a sign of a faulty or over-burdened connection. Electrical repair is also likely needed if you smell an acrid, burning scent coming from any electrical outlets or areas of your home. This is dangerous, and those outlets should be shut off from power until you are able to have one of our technicians over to inspect them.

A few other signs that it might be time for some electrical repair work are:

  • You are using multiple outlet extenders and plug-in strips to add in how many items can be plugged into your electrical outlets.  Too many of these means the system is likely being worked beyond its intended capacity.
  • Light bulbs that burn out too quickly from the same socket, meaning that connection can’t draw enough power needed.
  • You have outlets that do not allow three-pronged, grounded plugs, and only allow for two-pronged plugs.  This is not only about switching the outlet cover, but also about checking for grounding safety with your electrical output.

Whatever drives you to seek out electrical repair work for your home, know that our team at Lamm Electric is highly trained and experienced in electrical repair work and is committed to your safety and satisfaction.