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Electrical Technician There aren’t a lot of things that improve with age. Sure, wine, cheese, wisdom, etc., but for the most part things get slower and much less effective as they age. While that sentiment may be a bit depressing for those of us it applies to, it can be even more depressing when you realize it applies to one of the major operating systems in your house, such as the HVAC system or the electrical work. Not only does the system itself need some help operating, but the codes and guidelines that govern them evolve, leaving you with a system that may be dangerous. When it comes to your wiring, you will want to hire and electrical technician to get you up to code.

Homes built in the 1950s or 1960s most likely require updating in order to meet the code set forth in the NEC (National Electrical Code). The electrical technicians and other professionals who write the code evaluate the code every three years, making sure the safest practices are included. The problem with older homes is that there are not enough branch circuits or outlets to support the needs of homeowners today who use much more electricity than they did 60 years ago. An electrical technician will check to make sure that your wiring will support your electrical consumption and suggest increases where needed.

An electrical technician will also check to make sure you are up to code. If you have had nonprofessional electrical installation at some point, an electrical technician can make the necessary changes to make sure it is safe. It may be as easy or inexpensive as adding fatter gauge wires to get you up to code.

At Lamm Electric, our electrical technicians will inspect your home with your safety and the National Electrical Code in mind. If you are worried that your wiring may be insufficient, faulty or outdated, call us today for an inspection.