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It’s important to find a skilled electrical technician before you need one. This way, you can build up a rapport with him and be sure that he’ll be there when you need his services.

Use Angie’s List to Check if Your Local Electrical Technician Is Properly Licensed

When screening companies, ask about the followelectrical technicianing things:

  • Pulling Permits: In most states, a permit is required from the utility company if you’re planning to replace your home’s electrical equipment or have a significant rewiring job done. Your electrical technician might include this cost in his bill, so be sure to ask. Along with the permit, there will be an inspection to ensure the work meets code requirements.
  • Continuing Education: A reputable company will ensure that all electricians attend training courses to stay current with existing codes.
  • Area of Expertise: Since electricians specialize in different scopes and areas of work, it’s important that you hire the right person. If you just want to replace switches and outlets, then it’s pointless approaching a company that specializes in large commercial buildings.
  • Licensing: All electricians in North Carolina are required to be licensed. Ask to see the license, and check that it is current. Overloaded circuits, poor wire connections, broken safety elements, and improper grounding, are just a few problems that arise from shoddy workmanship. A great way to check on the license of an electrical technician is to use Angie’s List License Check tool.

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