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Lighting repair or installation is one of the most visceral and critical elements of indoor spaces, and the difference between bad and good lighting can make or break the mood, comfort and overall happiness in your home. When you are exposed to natural light, your immune system benefits, as well as your hormones and sleep cycle.

Lighting Repair or Installation: Go Green – It’s Good For Your Health!

Taking this into consideration, it is frustrating that, for the past 50 years, the building industry has been more concerned with the energy factor of artificial lighting repair and installation, rather than human health concerns. We think that natural lighting is a hugely important component of sustainable building design.

You can start with something so simple. Next time you need lighting repair, have the electrician swap your 100 watt incandescent bulbs with 32 watt CFLs. Over the life of one of these bulbs, you can save a minimum of $30 in energy costs. If every home in America replaced just one bulb with a CFL, it would be like removing one million vehicles off the road!

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