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Electrical Contractors in Charlotte, North CarolinaOnce electrical jobs are performed in Mecklenburg County, they have to undergo a formal inspection process to determine if there are any hazards or violations present. At Lamm Electric, our inspection rating for the past two quarters has been exceptional. From July 1st through the end of September, we had 33 inspections done and didn’t fail a single one. For the previous quarter, which ran from April 1st of this year until June 30th, we passed all of our 44 inspections, again without failing any.

Our perfect pass rating can be attributed to our team of electrical contractors, since they boast an impressive level of knowledge and professionalism and pride themselves on doing jobs right the first time. While it is impossible for our electrical contractors to pass inspections 100% of the time, when a failed inspection rating does come back, it is usually due to a minor item or a preexisting violation the inspector wants us to correct.

If you are a homeowner and want to check the inspection results for our electrical contractors or any other contractor, click on this link to the Mecklenburg County’s website. From here, you can research contractors and their specific failed inspections. This can be a great resource to use if you ever need to hire a contractor.

Please reach out to us today if you want to know more about the electrical inspection process. We look forward to hearing from and to serving you!