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There are so many useful upgrades you can add to your home during a remodeling project that make it more functional and modern. Common remodeling projects include room additions, garage conversions, kitchen and bath renovations, and adding outdoor living spaces. Each of these can put additional demands on the electrical system of your home, so don’t forget to budget for necessary electrical rewiring for your project.

Your home’s circuit breaker box was installed to handle the power usage of the typical family in the square footage and number of bedrooms present at the time of the build. If you are adding on to that, there is a good chance it won’t be up for the task. This means you’ll either need to upgrade to a larger box or have a secondary one installed.

Each circuit in your home was originally installed to handle up to a maximum anticipated power load. It is not wise to add on to any circuit by putting in additional outlets or switches. It is best to run a new circuit or some of the existing outlets can be put on their own circuit so you can utilize that circuit. An electrical rewiring expert will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Another thing to consider is that if your remodel results in more power usage overall, you can anticipate higher utility costs. This can be alleviated if you switch to more energy efficient appliances and lighting choices. If you are adding appliances you didn’t have before, keep in mind you’ll need electrical rewiring to provide them with a dedicated circuit in most cases.

If you are in the planning stage and need advice about what to budget for electrical rewiring, or are ready to get started with the work, give us a call at Lamm Electric. Each of our technicians has more than 20 years of experience with electrical rewiring so we are confident we can handle the upgrade to your home so that everything works the way you want it to.