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Rewiring Tips and When to Call a Professional

Modern living has made the rewiring of older homes a safety necessity. The electrical systems of older homes were not meant to handle the amount of electricity we use daily. From refrigerators, televisions, phones, computers, lights, security systems, home theaters, lights and monitors, there is a lot of energy and electricity flowing through your home’s wires to power those things up. This is why rewiring homes is both helpful because it can prevent short circuits and fires, but at the same time, difficult.  Rewiring in your home is something that you should undertake only if you have a solid background and experience in the process, and in how to make it safe.  Here are a few safety tips you should employ when testing or taking stock of the electrical capacity in your home before any real rewiring work begins.

First, make sure you understand permits and codes for your area. This is very important in making sure your home is up to code and safety standards.  Next, make sure to turn off all the power.  Use a voltage tester to make sure the connections you are looking at are really dead before you proceed.  After this, check for old or fraying wires. These will need to be replaced as soon as possible to prevent electrical fires. Decide where your main power-using areas will be, and note how many outlets and items are running on that particular circuit. You can save yourself from shortages by ensuring high energy items are not running on the same circuit as others. Know which circuits run to which areas of the home.  Finally, estimate your future needs and any additional outlets desired (and permitted by code).

Above all, remember that rewiring the electricity in your home can be a very technical job, and one that requires the utmost safety precautions and generally, the work of a professional. We understand fully the needed requirements, codes, precautions, and know-how to rewire your home and bring it safely up-to-date with the power you need. For more information, contact us today!