What You Need to Know About Electrical Repair

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Electrical repair is inevitable; more and more technology is being added to homes these days, and older wiring systems either cannot keep up or were never properly installed to begin with. As important as electricity is to our everyday lives, it’s important to understand how it should be maintained. Here are some things to know about electrical repair:

What You Need to Know About Electrical Repair

1. It can prevent electrical fires. Wiring that is old, outdated, or improperly installed can potentially start a fire. Electrical fires in homes account for roughly 51,000 fires every year, 500 deaths, and $1.3 billion in property damage, so it’s vital to keep up with repairs.

2. There are typically warning signs to alert you repairs are needed. Keep an eye out for things like sparks, popping, flickering lights, mild shocks, or a burning smell near outlets or other fixtures. If you plug in an appliance and see sparks, it could be a problem with the circuit or outlet. Popping sounds may indicate loose wiring. If you touch a switch or appliance and feel a mild electrical shock, it could be a sign of aging or improper wiring. A burning smell is particularly worrying; you should turn off electricity immediately. If you are seeing any of these warning signs in your home, call us for prompt electrical repair.

3. Circuit breakers can get old and worn down. Usually, when a circuit breaker trips, it’s only doing its intended job. However, over time, they age and can become faulty. If your circuit breaker seems to trip more frequently and for seemingly no reason, you may need an electrician to repair or replace your electrical panel.