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ElectricianAs your electrician, we realize that you’ve probably heard that you should turn off the lights when you’re not in a room to save money on your electric bill. However, you’re probably still sitting there wondering what else you can do to cut back and lower your electricity usage at home. Here are some of the best tips we have to offer as your electrician when it comes to saving money on electricity:


  • Use electronics wisely—When you’re not using your computer, television, or any other type of electronic device, unplug it. Although you might think that electronics don’t use power when they’re turned off, they still use power when they’re not in use.
  • Use your curtains—To save money on your electric bill, leave your curtains open during the day when it’s cold outside, so you let in as much sunlight in possible. In the summer, keep your curtains shut, especially in rooms that receive direct sunlight.
  • Install motion detectors—Are you tired of lights getting left on by accident? As your electrician, we recommend setting up motion detectors in your home so that lights that shouldn’t be left on get turned off.
  • Equip your home with a programmable thermostat—If your home doesn’t already have a programmable thermostat, install one. If your home has one, but you don’t use it, set it to raise or lower the temperature automatically at times when you’re away from the house.