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The absolute best way to avoid wiring hazards is to hire a professional electrician to take care of your electrical needs. Not only does this safeguard your home and property from a possible electrical fire and the damage it can cause, but hiring a professional also protects you from making a mistake yourself that could cause you bodily harm. However, despite the obvious threats, our electricians constantly see some pretty common wiring hazards that make us cringe with worry and grateful you called us in for the job.

5 Wiring Hazards Every Electrician Wishes You’d Avoid

Consider the following common wiring hazards:

  1. Overloading Extension Cords– Using damaged extension cords or overloading the ones you have with too much power is one of the most common causes of house fires.
  2. Not Enough Branch Circuits or Outlets– Homes today are requiring the use of much more electrical power. Make sure there are enough branches to deliver the right amount of power to your major home appliances.
  3. Not Using Fuses Correctly– If you have older fuse boxes, consider replacing them to make sure they are up to code. If you do not understand how fuse boxes work, ask an electrician to walk you through the basics so you don’t overload them.
  4. Aluminum Wiring– If your home was built in the 1960s or 1970s, you may have aluminum wiring throughout, which is very dangerous. Consider rewiring soon if this is the case.
  5. Old Wiring– This is one of the major wiring hazards today. If your home wiring is over 40 years old, you should definitely look into rewiring. Even if not that old, look for frayed or otherwise damaged wiring that shows the signs of aging and plan to replace as quickly as possible.

At Lamm Electric, we’d like to help you protect your home, property, family and self, which is why our electricians are highly trained and qualified. Assess your home’s wiring, and if you notice some of the hazards listed above, call us to set an appointment with one of our electricians today!