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you need commercial electrical repair

Here at Lamm Electric, we know that you want your business to succeed, and a big part of achieving that success is taking proper care of your premises. Like any other building, your business facility is made up of multiple systems with numerous components, and as those components wear down they will need to be repaired or replaced. Your electrical system is no different. In this article, our team will go over how to tell whether you need commercial electrical repair so that you can catch problems early.

  • Flickering Lights- One flickering light isn’t usually a sign of an underlying problem, but if multiple lights start to flicker in the same area, then there’s probably an issue with the system. If you notice that you have a persistent problem with keeping the lights on consistently, then we at Lamm Electric encourage you to call our team to find out whether you need commercial electrical repair.
  • Warm Spots- Another indicator that you likely need commercial electrical repair is unusual warm spots on your walls. When patches of your walls are warmer than the surrounding area, or your light switches are hot for no reason, it’s probably because the insulation on the wires underneath has worn away and left the hot core exposed. This is a serious fire risk, so if you notice any such spots, we urge you to call our team at Lamm Electric right away.
  • Acrid Smells- Related to the point above, another sign that something in your electrical system is too hot is a burning, acrid smell. Any sign of a potential fire should be checked immediately and thoroughly to determine the cause of the issue and make sure that it’s resolved. Electrical fires spread rapidly, so we at Lamm Electric recommend attending to potential fire hazards as soon as possible. If you smell something burning in your building, call our team to get the commercial electrical repair you need.