most noticeable indicators that you might need electrical rewiring

Over time, all buildings will require repairs. Some effects of age on your home or business, such as sloping floors, might be merely annoying, but others can be dangerous. Aging electricals fall into the latter category, as studies have shown that faulty wiring or other components account for up to 50,000 fires each year. In order to keep you, your property, and your family or employees safe, it’s important to keep your wiring up to date. In this article, our team at Lamm Electric has put together a list of signs that indicate that you might need electrical rewiring.

Signs That You Need Electrical Rewiring

  • Burning Smell- One of the most noticeable indicators that you might need electrical rewiring is a persistent burning smell. If you notice such an odor — one that doesn’t come from a specific source and does not fade — turn your power off at the circuit and call an electrician immediately.
  • Discolored Outlets and Switches- Another sign that you might have faulty wiring is discoloration on your electrical outlets or light switches. Loose connections behind these fixtures can cause stray sparks, creating small fires that can char and discolor the outlet or switch plates. If you notice this kind of discoloration, don’t ignore it, as leaving it unaddressed could have potentially life-threatening consequences. Instead, call our team at Lamm Electric to come have a look.
  • Flickering Lights- Sometimes, flickering lights are the result of a bulb not being screwed in properly, or that the bulb is just reaching the end of its life. However, if this flickering is not confined to a single fixture but is spread out over a whole room, section, or even the whole building, the fault is probably with the wiring. Call us at Lamm Electric to get an assessment on whether you need electrical rewiring.