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Part of any kitchen remodel involves upgrading the lighting. In fact, lighting installation may be all you need if your main complaint about your kitchen is insufficient lighting. It can be challenging to prepare your family’s dinner when you don’t have the best illumination. In addition, you might simply hate the look of the current lighting.

There are so many unique lighting fixtures and styles to choose from these days that you can totally transform your kitchen with the right lighting installation. Here are a few options that could make a real difference in the functionality and enjoyment of your kitchen:

  • Under cabinet lighting installation – You do most of your kitchen activities using the countertops, and you may find that if the lighting is behind you that you don’t get to see what you are doing very well. Under cabinet lighting can resolve this problem by putting light right where you need it. Opt for lighting with a dimmer feature and they make nice nightlights and ambient lighting as well.
  • CF lighting installation – Your kitchen gets hot enough as it is when you are baking and cooking. You don’t need lighting fixtures with bulbs that put off heat to compound the problem. Opt for CF lighting rather than incandescent. LED is another option, although you’ll need to consider the fixture itself as some are cooler, but others can put off quite a bit of heat.

These are just a couple ideas for transforming your kitchen with lighting installation. Give us a call at Lamm Electric and we’ll help you with professional lighting installation for your Charlotte, North Carolina home that will give you the results you desire and make your kitchen much more useful and enjoyable.