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Changing out a lighting fixture is one of those things that many homeowners consider a great DIY project. After all, all you have to do is watch how the old one comes out, right? The reality is that you might be better off turning to a licensed electrician to not just ensure safe lighting installation, but also some great tips on lighting selection.

Visiting a big box home improvement center for something as simple as a can of paint will usually mean walking past that big, beautiful display of lights. It is difficult not to be dazzled, not to mention inspired. Suddenly, every lighting fixture in your home simply has to go. The problem is that amongst those truly innovative fixtures lie a few that won’t perform like you would want.

Lighting installation is not as cut and dry as you might think either. You may find that your new fixture has fewer or more electrical connections than yours has. What do you do now? Will you feel comfortable not attaching the extras or constantly worry that a problem could develop? You are right to be concerned. Doing lighting installation improperly could lead to an electrical fire or damaging your new fixture.

If you want the best possible results, call on us at Lamm Electric for professional lighting installation. We’ll make sure that the wiring you have in your home is sufficient for the lighting you desire. With our fair and competitive rates, and the peace of mind you’ll enjoy knowing it is done right, it simply makes sense to take this improvement out of the DIY realm and into the pro realm.