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When to Call an Emergency Electrician

There are many reasons you might call an electrician, from help rewiring your home for upgrades, new light installations, installing a new home theater system, or for help with wiring additions to your home.  However, there are also many situations in which an emergency electrician call is needed to ensure the safety of your home and its continued use of electrical output. Below are some scenarios that you should take seriously, and that warrant the call of an emergency electrician:

  • When you smell a burning or acrid scent coming from any of your electrical outlets or walls, you should call an electrician. This is dangerous and can signify faulty electrical wiring or an overdrawn circuit, which could result in electrical fires. The power should be cut to those outlets immediately, and a call should be made so that we can inspect the wiring and electrical system and find the source of the problem.
  • A buzzing or humming sound coming from your electric breaker box warrants a call to us. This could signify a faulty breaker or bad wiring, which can be dangerous for your home.
  • Outlet covers that are warm to the touch or discolored with brown or black spots require the assistance an electrician. These generally signify overheating of the outlet, and addressing this issue should not be put off.
  • Arcs or sparks come out when you plug something into an outlet.
  • You feel a small shock when you plug something into an outlet.

Any of the situations listed above warrant a call to an emergency electrician immediately to quickly ensure the safety of your home. For more information, contact us today.