Safety Tips Your Residential Electrician Wants You to Know

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Electricity is one of the greatest modern conveniences that is readily available in most homes. It powers your lighting, heating and cooling, refrigerator, other household appliances, computers, and more. But as important as electricity is, it can also be dangerous when the proper safety precautions are not taken.

Safety Tips Your Residential Electrician Wants You to Know

To ensure you prevent accidents at your home and keep your family out of harm’s way, here are a few safety tips your residential electrician wants you to know:

  • Don’t Ignore Circuit Breakers That Trip Frequently- A circuit breaker trip can be a good thing because it stops excess current before it can cause damage. However, your circuit breakers should not be tripping frequently. This indicates that one of your circuits is getting overloaded repeatedly, putting you at risk of starting an electrical fire. If your circuit breakers won’t stop tripping and you have not identified which appliance is causing the problem, make sure to call a residential electrician.
  • Know How to Use Extension Cords- Extension cords are convenient, but they can be dangerous if you have bad habits when using them. You should avoid powering multiple appliances with one extension cord, running extension cords underneath rugs, and plugging multiple cords together. You should also keep extension cords far away from water.
  • Pay Attention to Proper Wattage- When you purchase light bulbs for your lamps and other lighting fixtures, you should be conscious of the recommended wattage. There should be a clear label on your lamp or fixture that tells you the appropriate wattage. Keep in mind that while you should never exceed the maximum wattage, you can use a light bulb with lower wattage.

If you have identified an electrical safety issue at your home in Charlotte, North Carolina and you need a residential electrician to check it out, contact us at Lamm Electric.